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Belper - morning out

52 km Distanz
660 m Aufstieg
650 m Abstieg

(1 Bewertung)

Nice loop, southern peak district, about 60% minor roads but there will be  heavy traffic on the A6 between Darley Bridge and Matlock, and Cromford and Belper.  Don't do this one if you're not happy on main roads.  Plenty of opportunities for cafe stops.  If you're feeling energetic, take the minor road up to Crich from Cromford instead of hacking back down the A6.  'The Loaf' at the top of the descent to Bullbridge is where I would usually choose to stop for a coffee and a cake.  If you're feeling really energetic turn left in Starkholmes and go past Riber Castle over the back way to Crich: that'll test your hillclimbing legs.


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