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Crit - Saschiz - Sighisoara

51 km Distanz
636 m Aufstieg
762 m Abstieg

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Leaving from Crit, follow the dirt road for about 7 km, where you will meet the cycling path marked with red stripe (on white background). When you meet the next dirt road, after a small ascent, when starting the descent the Red Stripe goes to the left, while we take the dirt road downhill to Cloasterf, then a small tarmac road to Saschiz, and later on uphill until we meet the Red Stripe path. From there follow the markings util Sighisoara

Se pleaca din Crit, pana la intersectia cu poteca marcata Banda Rosie, care merge la Sighisoara. Dupa prima bucata de poteca, este o portiune de drum forestier care ne duce in Cloasterf (atentie, banda rosie face brusc stanga, inainte de o coborare). Din Cloasterf se urmeaza soseaua pana in Saschiz, iar de acolo o alta sosea ne duce inapoi la poteca marcata cu banda rosie.