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Essays of Gravel #3

176 km Distanz
590 m Aufstieg
560 m Abstieg

(1 Bewertung)

Sunday 8-10-17, 9:30

I’m delighted to announce the 3rd annual Essays of Gravel ride. A group ride with the purpose of traversing and connecting as much of the unpaved and scenic roads of our country. While the previous two editions passed through much Belgium’s best or worst roads, this time we’re wandering the border of the Netherlands. We’ll be passing cobbles, post industrial minescapes, sunken lanes, dirty ditches and few of the most scenic climbs. It’s a ride to inspire poetry and friendship rather than competition, yet suffering yields the best of those too!

What it takes?  

  • Distance: 177 KM, unpaved road with various bits of single track, 1700+ VAM (A to B) most of us will travel to and fro by train.
  • Bike: A gravel, cross or other type bike that suits you well with >30mm tires. Front and rear lights to combat eventual darkness, Spares to fight failure.
  • Gear: A GPS navigation unit, helmet, warm and weatherproof clothes, some lunch and food to share.
  • Riders: Passionate & spirited people on the bike, ready for anything and endurance minded. Pace = around 22km/h net average.


Start @ the smallest hill of the Netherlands Windmill t’Nupke, Geldrop Depart @ 9.30

End = the best view over the Netherlands/Belgium Chalet D’n Observant, Sint Pietersberg

Finish * lead out to dinner in Maastricht city center


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