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Rota Vicentina MTB Day1 - Easy

56 km Distanz
390 m Aufstieg
610 m Abstieg

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Starting from the north, Rota Vicentina begins at the beautiful church of Santiago do Cacém. The panoramic views over the city are inspiring and the view from the hillside with the Castle and the Church, a constant presence as far as the outskirts of the convent of Loreto. 

Santiago do Cacém, a city with a strong connection to the pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela. Since the Middle Ages pilgrims pass here coming from the Promontorium Sacrum, the mythical destination of this historic journey now recovered through Rota Vicentina.

After some kms throughout country fields and traditions Alentejo farmlands the route pass by Morgavel dam before it arrives to the Atlantic coast with marvelous views to desert beaches. The beaches of Malhão and Aivados are the biggest of the Sw coast, south of Porto Covo. As you arrive to Alturas do Norte, the landscape changes and the beaches give way to towering cliffs that from this point to Cape St. Vincent give this wild coast its personality.

The small town of Porto Covo it's just fantastic but the view over Ilha do Passegueiro demans for a stop to contemplate it's beauty. Proceding south to Vila Nova de Milfontes along the coast area it's easy and really pleasing.




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