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Bled to Bohinj around the back

53 km Distanz
1.040 m Aufstieg
1.030 m Abstieg

(1 Bewertung)

Coming out of Bled, following the cycle path, the small residential roads through Radovdjica get quite confusing, which is why we ended up going down to the river, crossing the bridge and through the woods, which on our mountain bikes was fine but on a road bike would have been very difficult. Rejoining great roads all the way to Kropa, which is a stunning town with waterfalls running through and mountains encasing. The road up for Kropa is long wide and winding with a great view and nice tree canopy. After reaching the top the road skirts the around the hill with small ups and downs, totally worth it as the mountainous vista that opens up in spectacular! Continuing to Drazgose there is a large section of track through the woods from point 27 to 36, this becomes very hard as the last stretch is all uphill to the crest of the mountain going down to Bohinj. After 36 its a glorious 12km of swooping downhill, the road isnt the best and large sections are dirty track, but brilliant and deserved.


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