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2012 Milano - Riva del Garda - Venezia

417 km Distanz
3.850 m Aufstieg
4.060 m Abstieg

(1 Bewertung)

2012 Mai Milan - Riva del Garda - Venice

11. Went from Malpensa at about 15 pm and arrived at Monza about 18.55 km

25 gr. Slightly cool. Flat and heavy traffic, transport ladder. Monza was a very ok town. Finished with late pizza at the bottom of the river. Stayed at hotel Fontella **.

12. Started the day by destroying a valve. Get off at 10:30 and have eaten a couple of toast on a bench in the center. Flat and heavy traffic, transport ladder. cycled wrong from Monza. Arrived at Bergamo at 15. Bad weather reports made us stay here. Central B & B. Had dinner in the city center before we took the bus up to the old town. A very enjoyable evening. Met some nice people at the cafeen della Funicolare. Completed at Irish pub. Took the cable car down again.

A cyclist with one leg passed us today! Atalanta - Bergamo football team kept the place in series A. Big party last weekend. Tomorrow they will meet Serie Juventus in the last match in Turin. They have not lost this season.

13. Rain showers, lightning and thunder at night! Started about 12 and arrived at Lovere at 15. Cloudy the whole stage. The sun appeared when we arrived. The temperature has fallen from 33 to 11 degrees overnight. Great hotel - Albergo Mederno *** (room 306) with great view of Lago d'Iseo. ( Three beds with separate "room" for one. Good breakfast.

14. Good flow but a lot of traffic to Breno where we took an ice cream before the rise to Passo Crocedomini 1895 m.o.h. The pass was closed, but we thought this was good, and we had confronted some elder one kilometer before the top saying it was just driving. Afterwards some motorcycles followed us. Very nice on top. Great downhill to Bagolino, but very cold when the road followed eleven fiume ......... An eike on my rear wheel smoke. Arrived at Bagolino at 19 pm Entered at Albergo Al Tempo di Perduto *** - 750 mt. The hotel's only guests.

15. Started the day to "sjangle" me down to the bike repertoire in Ponte Caffaro. Mildrid punctured 100m before the repertoire. A very nice guy arranged the bikes while we ate ice cream. Went on to Storo where we took off to Lago di Ledro where we had lunch. Spectacular driveway to Riva del Garda, with its own road / path for cyclists. A very nice bike day in a beautiful setting. Sun, a lot of wind and cold. Lost many cyclists along the way, but without a eby baggage. Took into Hotel Sole ****. Room against the backyard. Trashed around the city in the evening. Great city.

16. The morning started with a false fire alarm, thankfully. Mildrid started the day on a bike with bikes from the bike, in a yard that meant the sound came from the crank and that the bike would go to Venice.

Bike along the beach to Torbole - a very nice place !, where we took a last stop on Lake Garda.

Then cycled along the great bike terrace via Mori to Rovereto where we had lunch, four Norwegians met along the road, very hilly terrain.

After Rovereto we started the long sailing trip up through Vallarsa to Passo Pian delle Fugazze (1183 m.o.h), where we entered the Albergo "Al Passo". The road across Vallarsa was closed due to road construction, so we had some beautiful hours in scenic surroundings almost to ourselves. Only one guest at the Albergo.

May 17 :-) Started the day with a steep (15%) downhill run. Stopped first in Schio and then we took the lunch Thiene. Then went on to Bassano del Grappa. Took into Hotel Al Castello. The hotel was very good and was right in the center. Great weather - flat stage.

18. Short flat leg to neighboring Asolo, as we were recommended by more to visit. The city was on a hill with a big castle on top. Very nice town so we chose to stay here overnight. Stayed at Hotel Duse in the middle of town. Turistby - expensive and exclusive. Maange cyclists here.

19. Long flat leg to Mestre / Venice. Bike through Castelfranco - Veneto and have lunch at Trebaseleghe. Arrived at Mestre at 16:30. Took into Hotel Venezia in the middle of town. Warmest day so far.

Earthquake at night! Wake up at about 04 o'clock. Went a short half-minute. The bed shook something violently and some guests ran out on the street. Rinse about an hour afterwards. Mildrid woke up, but I slept. Was called by Romsdals Budstikke.

20. An entire day in Venice.

21. A whole day in Mestre.

22. Went back to Molde. Brought wrong to the airport :-(


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