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2012 Brac

43 km Distanz
870 m Aufstieg
880 m Abstieg

(1 Bewertung)

28.08 Took a boat from Split to Supetar on Brac. Ate was on the harbor before we started on the road to Pucisca. Stopped and took a beer at the port of Postira. Arrived at Pucisca at 19. Great road along the sea - many beautiful beaches. Something rufsete dirt road, and we had to get up in the hill before we came down to Pucisca. Little traffic. No hotel in town, but got room about 500m from downtown. 50 euros for a double room with shower - incl breakfast.

29.08 Great trip over the mountain to Bol. Bought marble jewelry and earrings for Mildrid in Pucisca before we left the city. Stayed at the hotel at the end of Zlatni Rat - 50 € without breakfast. Finished the evening to see El Classico in the city.


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