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2013 Olbia - Santa Teresa Gallura

84 km Distanz
870 m Aufstieg
840 m Abstieg

(1 Bewertung)


22. Up at 3:45 pm. Departure at 6 o'clock with Air Baltic. Loan queue on check-in. Intermediate in Riga an hour before we flew to Olbia. Everything ok when we arrived, except that my bike was punctured. Get well from the airport and through Olbia. Lunch in Pittulongu. Rota a bit to find the hotel - Domina, in Golfo di Marinella. Great hotel! 33.5 km

23. Proceeded to Cala De Volpe. Found the hotel nice - II Piccolo Golf. Some hills to ride along the coast. Lunch at the neighbor restaurant before heading down to the beach. Dinner in the same place before we took early evening. Sunny day, but a lot of wind. 25.2 km

24. Hilly terrain along the coast, with powerful wind! Lunch at Cannigione. Fresh ham-panini 😊 Quickly found the hotel - Piccada in Palau. Strolled in the city before we left the hotel. Took an afternoon trip to the neighboring island - La Maddalena. A beautiful old town, more beautiful than Palau. 43.7 km

25. A nice trip to Santa Teresa Di Gallura. Arrived in good time before ferry departure at 15. A charming old town. Have lunch at the pizza in the city center.


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