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2014 Sicilia

312 km Distanz
3.110 m Aufstieg
3.140 m Abstieg

(1 Bewertung)

06.10 Cycle from home 05:00! Nice weather. Traff Oddvar and Bente at Gardermoen. Flight change - airline and airport exchange in Milan (from Malpensa to Linate). Took a bus between the airports. Arrived at Palermo on route. Took a taxi to the hotel (40e) - B & B Afea. Ate local food at Ostria Lo Bianco in the evening !! Bicycles and luggage are missing.

07.10 Started with Sightseeing Bus (disappointing). Shop some clothes and eat well. Fun and great day. Lots of traffic and exhaust. Great park - Giardina Inglese!

08.10 Started the day with a stroll at the port of La Cala, then ended up via Rome for more action. Oddvar and I took a bus to the airport and picked up the bikes and our luggage. Took a taxi back (Pippo) Bente and Oddvar have not arrived yet. The bikes were herpet and must go to the yard. Finished the evening with dinner at Lo Bianco, and coffee / ice in via Belmonte which was a quiet restaurant street close to the hotel.

10.9. Oddvar and I went to a bike workshop. There they also had all the necessary equipment / clothes, so Bente and Mildrid came there eventually. Had lunch at the hotel before starting the cycling trip to Termini Imerese. Arrived at 18. Drink coffee / ice on the road. Found accommodation down town - Hotel Piccolo. (80 E per night). Lovely pizza on the pier - La Laterna! Folk town in the evening, free of tourists.

Palermo: A city with many welcoming, helpful and nice people. Much noise, exhaust and traffic. 2 days was enough for us.

Top accommodation, central and with very nice staff.

10.10 Transport to Cefalu. A little to see the road - but road that was wide and with little traffic. Found accommodation at B & B Garibaldi on arrival. 2 nights a 60 € in the middle of the old town. Very nice and dedicated hotel host Pippo, like a sports shop. Clipped hair in the evening.

11.10 Gokart race in the center. Trashed on the mountain before dinner, and along the beach after dinner. Bente and Oddvar got their luggage. Come to the B & B! :-)

Cefalu is a top city that has the most! Recommended!

12.10 Great bicycle ride along the coast to Santo Stefano di Camastra (4533 bp.) Found a nice B & B Aurora in the middle of the city. (50 E) Nice and typically a bit tired city. Had a coffee break at Castel di Tusa along the way.

13.10 The great way out of the road continues. Short stop in Aquedolci (5652 inc.) Before arrival to Sant 'Agata Militello. (13190 persons) Stayed at Hotel Palazzo Fortunato (77E) ****. Ok by little closer to the sea than yesterday. Great promenade down by the sea.

14.10 Short but steep stage up to San Frantello (4003 sq. M. - 710 m.) Nice road and little traffic. Found accommodation at first stop - Albergo Minerva (60 €) Small tired mountain village with nice people. Only guests in the hotel and in the city. Blown a lot about the night.

15.10 San Frantello - Cesaro '. Climbed up to ... in the National Park Parco del Nebrodi. Much wind, but the forest protected us. Lunch at Rifugio del Parco just before the top. Downhill to Cesaro '(2585 sq. M. - 1107 m). Great road almost without traffic. Found the B & B Saint Carlos right away. Only guests in the hotel and in the city. No restaurant but good chicken in fast food space. Cozy city. Oddvar was with shavers. Trashed up to Christ's statue. Recently, three from the scene died in a car crash at Catania, which affected the inhabitants.

16.10 Downhill mostly all the way to Randazzo (11186 sq. M. - 750 m.). Took a coffee / ice at the church. Handsome guy who drove me to the B & B & B (bed / breakfast / bike). It turned out he owned the best restaurant in town when we happened to have lunch there afterwards. Also opted to have dinner there, when the food was absolutely top notch! Took a glass of wine, as well as cheese and ham at Pippo who drove the sale of these products in the city. Sent him pictures of us all in the evening. Trashed around the city in the evening. Had a large church built exclusively of lava gas. The housekeeper was a big cyclist on the island in the early 2000s - maange trophies exhibited! Another city full of nice people!

17.10 Another great bike day on roads without traffic. Cycled up to Castiglione di Sicilia where we took a coffee. Special city! Lovely pasta lunch in Francavilla di Sicilia. Easy exit to Giardini, but steep up to Taormina. Found the B & B Arco dei Cappuccini well. Great B & B with nice hosts!

18.10 Rush up to Castelmola. Great, slightly steep walk with beautiful views at the top. Dinner at Osteria da Rita in the evening.

19.10 Much traffic from Taormina and bad road (SS 114). A car was over Mildrid with the mirror! Lunch at Aci Castello. Lovely by the harbor! Promotion at Hotel Catania International Airport at. 16.


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