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Coastal Route, Finnish Archipelago

446 km Distanz
60 m Aufstieg
60 m Abstieg

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The great Coastal Route ( ) in the Finnish Archipelago brings together the greatest destinations of the Archipelago Sea as a magnificient around 170km long cycling route. 

Bicycle along the Finnish coastline through beautiful seaside settings. You will pass beautiful sceneries, forests, lakes, coastal beaches and small idyllic villages. You stay overnight in small hotels and B&Bs and relax yourself in Finnish saunas. Local fresh and pure food and delicacies are served in the breakfast and also in small restaurants and cafes along the route. The route is well suited for those who are not in a hurry and want to enjoy the idyllic scenery and sights along the way. You cycle along small countryside roads, well maintained forest paths and scenic cycle routes. Part of the routes is travelled by boat where you can bring your bicycling equipment along. The route is in total a bit over 150 kilometers long. The route includes an archipelago ferry between Hanko and Kasnäs.

The route is moderately easy, relatively safe and is suitable for those who regularly take part in some form of moderate exercise. The majority of the route passes over hilly and relatively flat terrain. Best suited for adults and teenagers. The cycling trip will take you for the most part along existing light traffic routes, public and private roads, forest roads and maintained trails. Exercise caution when cycling on the public road sections of the route.



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