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Limone Piemonte - Poggio di Sanremo (Via del Sale plus)

96 km Distanz
1.830 m Aufstieg
3.570 m Abstieg

(1 Bewertung)

Route was ridden on July 30, 2018 on MTB (muscle), based on the route 'Transalp' which will  be performed as guided tour on August 31 from Limone. Additionally, ascent of 400 m from Limone centre to Limone 1400 has to be taken into account. From Limone 1400 to Baita 2000 I took the chairlift Cabanaira, operated this year in summer as well. So, I could save some power in the morning, really needed in the late afternoon between San Bernardo di Mendatica and Colle di Garezzo where I was caught by a tempest hanging on Monte Fronté. Not so pleasant but it disappeared in direction of the coast after about 1/2 hour. Be aware that in particular in this part of the route, in summer thousands of blood-sucking insects are waiting for you, because of the presence of droves (cows) in the valley. Some of them can sting or bite through the clothes.   According to speedometer distance was about 112 km, and time in saddle was 8.h 55 minutes.  


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