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Zwolle to Wyhe

49 km Distanz
50 m Aufstieg
50 m Abstieg

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Today you will discover the Veluwe. This forest-rich ridge of hills features many different landscapes, including woodland, heath, small lakes, and Europe’s largest sand drift. The Veluwe is a popular tourist destination and especially beloved by bikers as it has an unique maze of quiet bike lanes to enjoy! The north part of the Veluwe stretches till Zwolle so you will be biking through this unique nature reserve almost all day. South of Hattem you will pass a  small watermill with some great estates and restaurants along the way. The ‘Heerderstrand’ lake, which you will also pass,  is a great place for a swim, weather permitting. A common siting in the heatherfields near De Dellen are the herds of grazing sheep and if you are lucky you will meet the shepherd. Afterwards, the route leads to the village of Heerde which has a lovely center ideal for a lunch break or coffee stop. Finally you will bike by a former train trail back to Zwolle once again. 


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