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La Zingarella

20 km Distanz
560 m Aufstieg
560 m Abstieg

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This route provides everything an ‘all mountain / cross country’ mountain biker would dream of. There are long sections of single track weaving through pine and beech forests, great decants, stiff climbs, interesting technical sections all of which is overlaid with  spectacular views. 

The route is based in the recently developed Voltigno Trail Centre which has 80 km of maintained, well marked trails set in an undeveloped part of Italy. For an  intermediate level mountain biker it will take approximately 3 1/2 hours. An additional benefit is that it can be easily shortened or lengthened depending on how the ride is going without detracting from the experience.

Directions using Voltigno Trail Centre routes and signs: Pantane (VTC3) – Monte Fiore (VTC 3) – Voltignolo (VTC 3) – Valle d’Ombra (VTC 3) – Bivio Fonte Aceprano (VTC 3) – Vallopiana (VTC 2c) – Capo di Serre (VTC 2) – Vallestrina (VTC2) – La Zingarella (VTC 2a) – Quota 1370 (VTC 2a) – Vado di Focina (VTC 2a) - Quota 1335 (VTC 1) – Cima delle Scalate (VTC 1) – Pantane (VTC 1)

A range of services, maps and accomodation can be arranged through the local ski club : and more information on the trail centre at


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