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Terni to Santa Marinella

150 km Distanz
1.570 m Aufstieg
1.680 m Abstieg

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In the beginning there is beautifull Marmore falls (I suggest staying a night in Papigno or Marmore and visiting the falls in the dusk). In Papigno I suggest Rafting Marmore and their rafting and canyoning excursions. Narni is a fairytail-town on top of a hill. Perfect place for some walking, checking the castle and eating. My route from Narni to Civita Castellano was bad for thin road wheels: Small, windy trails through fields.

Lago di Bracciano is cute, and the castle of Bracciano is worth a visit: A very well arranged, self-guided history exhibition through a majestetic castle.

From Bracciano to the coast riding is veeeery easy, lots of good asphalt downhill.


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