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Rennrad-Route Quellregion Rhein

264 km Distanz
4.810 m Aufstieg
4.770 m Abstieg

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270 kilometers, two magnificent alpine passes, deep gorges, spectacular landscapes and a ride through all three language regions of Graubünden await you.

Your journey starts in Chur, passing side streets you’ll discover the rolling hills of the Domleschg fruit and castle country. The route leads through the Viamala-Schlucht (gorge) natural monument and from here, the route climbs steadily through the valley of the Posterior Rhine. At the Roffla-Schlucht (gorge), the valley narrows, before finally reaching Splügen, the oldest pass village in Graubünden. Shortly after, the San Bernardino Pass, an Alp transit history classic attracts your attention. The pass’ numerous hairpin turns accelerate every racing bike enthusiast’s heart.

Once at the top, a little rest is more than deserved. Soon after, the fast descent to the south is waiting for you to get down into the Misox. During the 44-kilometer descent, the landscape will surprise and astound you - high Alpine one minute, Mediterranean the next. Shortly after Roveredo, you’ll cross the Cantonal border from Graubünden to Ticino. Until Biasca, the terrain continues to rise gently.

The Lukmanier Pass is a real treat which deserves to be at the top of the racing bike Olympus. The ascent leads through the Valle di Blenio to Olivone, where you’ll turn off into the Valle Santa Maria. At the Ospizio del Lucomagno you’ll not only find the passport sign, but it’ll also take you back to the canton of Graubünden. The descent will take you through Val Medel to Disentis. The journey continues along the Anterior Rhine through the Bündner Oberland, the Surselva. A detour over the Obersaxen plateau, which stuns with its countless hidden streets, will take you to Ilanz, the first city on the Rhine. From here, a spectacular road leads through the Ruinaulta: the Rheinschlucht (Rhine gorge), with its 300-meter high rock walls and rock formations also called "Little Swiss Canyon". Following the road will bring you back to Chur.


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