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Skirt Ride Route- May 18

24 km Distanz
180 m Aufstieg
180 m Abstieg

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Route starts at Bike del Pueblo and then crosses for the Monroe suspension bridge, continuing on Monroe for a few blocks and then we move over to Meade Ave. We'll go right on Mississippi to connect back to Monroe Ave. Left on Park Blvd, staying right to get onto Normal Street. Short break at the Hillcrest farmers market as it is winding down. Then we will continue down Normal Street, right onto University and left onto 5th Ave. We'll loop around from Spruce to Front to Upus so that we can see the suspension bridge and then conitinue into Balboa Park. In the park we will make our way to the Velodrome for a short stop. We will exit the park on Pershing Drive and then ride up 30th Street, cutting over on Landis to cross the freeway and then turning left to continue north on 35th Street. We'll turn right onto Meade after crossing El Cajon Blvd and take that back to Bikes del Pueblo. 


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