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Beer Tasting & Grožnjan Tour

53 km Distanz
980 m Aufstieg
980 m Abstieg

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Looking for an active trip with a taste of Istrian specialties? You're in the right place! The E-bike Gastro Tour gives you an unforgettable experience that combines the beauties of Istria by cycling and tasting Istrian products such as wine, beer and olive oil.

The excursion begins at the Luna Tavern-Pizzeria with a welcome drink. After getting an electric bike, guided by an experienced guide, we begin our journey to Kozlovic Winery, one of the most famous wineries in our area.

We will ride on gravel and asphalt roads and part of the legendary Parenzana. After approx. 1,5 hour drive we arrive at San Servolo brewery where we will have a taste of their product – beer. After the brake, we continue our journey to the old city Grožnjan for a coffee. Return via Brtonigla to the starting point.


Trail length 52.7 km

Driving time: approx: 2h45min

Tasting time: approx: 45min

Total duration of the trip: approx. 3h30min

Check-in time is 9.30 in the morning

Departure time: 10.00 in the morning

Arrival time: 13.30in the afternoon


Price: 45,00 EUR per person


Price includes:

- quality e-bike

- a professional guide

- service support

- Welcome drink at the Luna Tavern

- Home made beer tasting at San Servolo brewery.

- Coffee in Grožnjan


During the tasting at San Servolo brewery, you can buy beer that are waiting for you on your way back to the Luna Tavern. (Starting point)


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