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Motherload Ride; Chavez to 81st

6 km Distanz
0 m Aufstieg
0 m Abstieg

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This is the group bike ride from Chavez Branch Library to the 81st Ave Library.  Starting at Chavez at 11am.

About this route

  • Starting at the Cesar Chavez Library at 3301 E 12th ST
  • Head south on E 12th Street. 
  • Turn right at 50th Avenue.
  • Head west on 50th Avenue.
  • Turn left on Coliseum Way.
  • When we turn left on Coliseum Way from 50th, we may need volunteers with stop signs due to steady traffic.
  • Keep straight. Enter Coliseum parking lot.
  • Ride up ramp to  Coliseum BART/Amtrak bridge, drop down ramp on right to Amtrak and cross through parking lot.
  • Left at 73rd Avenue.
  • Right on San Leandro Street.
  • Left at 75th St on to East Bay Greenway and stop at Scraper Bike Team mural.
  • Head South on East Bay Greenway
  • Left at 81st Avenue.
  • Left at Rudsdale Street, arrive at 81st Avenue Library.


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