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Macadam Uphill Sukanegara - BatuTapak

25 km Distanz
536 m Aufstieg
535 m Abstieg

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Saturday, 20101016.. Its Tough!!

Rough Macadam Uphill, its hot but paid off by beautiful scenery, 08:30 start from 174 mdpl @ Sukanegara, Jonggol, off-road straight forward and climbing up to the top of Karangsaat (Pabuaran Atas) 590 mdpl where limestone rocks cliffs standing very close at north side.

Luckily we found bonus spot: Walet Cave at about half distance before reach Karangsaat Peak.

From Karangsaat, ride the spine to the south, we can see Hambalang, Gunung Pancar in the west, and Cipamingkis valley, Gunung Batu and Gunung Sanggabuana far in the East.

After reach Kampung Bojong Honje and get some stuff to fill up our empty stomach, we ride down not too far and found Batu Tapak as our main objective, the site of Purnnavarmman(?)- King of Tarumanegara era - his feet prints on Andesit rock on top Pasir Awi. These feet prints still originally in place and we can imagine how great he was standing and facing his wide territory along Cipamingkis Valley up to Bekasi and Karawang Plain at the north. Its amazing state of art!!

Then just downhill still through rough macadam, to reach the asphalt road along in west side of Cipamingkis River. Back to Sukanegara 17:30. Get some foto @ shale outcrop at Cipamingkis River.

This just spontaneous trip,..arranged everything just before midnight @ previous day.

Its Tough!!.. but its great journey.. with great team: Kang Asol, Om Arif, Om Gito and Om Haris

SD Sukanegara: 6°31'13.70"S, 107° 2'49.39"E, 174 mdpl
Gua Walet: 6°30'43.29"S, 107° 0'49.65"E, 279 mdpl
Batutapak: 6°33'0.20"S, 106°59'10.05"E, 531 mdpl