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FInd and create the best bike routes with the bike route planner and explore the Ukraine, Europe’s second biggest country, which’s topography consists mainly of fertile plains (steppes) and high plateaus. High mountains like the Carpates can only be found in the West and on the Crimea peninsula. Currently, the Ukraine is a touristically sparsely developed country with unspoilt nature and countless mountain villages, where time seems to stand still. On a cycling tour through the impressive landscape, you can enjoy the dimensions of untouched regions and past old settlements, a whole new world opens up to you. A bike trip through Ukraine’s rural areas is rathe suitable for more experienced riders and needs solid planning due to the usually bad road conditions. The  is the border to  in the West, but other rivers flowing into the Black Sea cross through the country from South to North and can be followed by bike. The capital Kiev and other cities like Lemberg or the coastal cities Odessa and Jalta are worth a visit and impress with their surprising beauty.

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967.220 km
Mapped Ways
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45,4 milioni


  • Mountainbiking in the Carpathian mountains. Pastures and picturesque villages wait to be explored in the magical forests.

  • Travel through Transcarpathia, here, the Ukraine’s ethnic diversity is felt the strongest. Hungarians are the biggest minority and many town signs are bilingual. At the beginning, you cycle through vineyards and gentle hills followed by the Carpathian valleys. In the mountain village Huklyvyj, a pittoresque wooden church from the 18th century can be visited, amongst other things.



  • The streets are mostly car-free, however, the condition and surface aren’t always equivalent to the standards in western and middle Europe.

  • Regain your strength after an exhausting cycling tour with traditional dishes such as Salo (salted lard), “borshch”, a soup made out of red beets or “soljanka”, a delicious meat soup.

  • Take advantage of the cheap trains in the Ukraine. It’s advisable to book night rides which is comfortable and saves time. Bikes can be transported, however, you should inform yourself precisely beforehand. Most Ukrainian trains don’t have a luggage cart.

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