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Find and create cycling routes through the multilingual Belgium, which is located in the middle of Western Europe, thanks to the bike route planner. Belgium has a glorious past and easily manages to connect the historical heritage with everything modern. Next to medieval villages, hip art galleries and beautiful cafes that entice with waffles, chocolate and fries, Belgium also boasts true natural treasures. Fabulous landscapes in the Ardennes, forest areas, river landscapes south of Liège, lakes like Lake Virelles and a diverse coastal region are easily explored by bike. Thanks to Belgium’s flatness (the country is at most moderately hilly), it is also suitable for cycling beginners.

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2 839 761 km
Mapped Ways
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  • Flanders is mostly flat and perfect to discover by bike. The diamond city Antwerp, the medieval Gent and the famous harbour city Bruges are amongst the most impressive Flemish cities.

  • A bike tour through the Hoge Kempen national park which’s beautiful surroundings consisting of fir forests and heath landscapes entice.

  • Cycle to the coast, starting from Brussels. There are signposted cycling tracks leading along the rivers Rupel and Scheldt through the beer city Leuven until the numerous beaches at the North Sea are reached.



  • The network of bike trails is well signposted and the bike paths’ condition leaves nothing to be desired. Furthermore, you cycle mostly in low-traffic streets.

  • After having burned enough calories by cycling, you should absolutely try some Belgian chocolate. The chocolate is part of Belgium’s national pride and tastes excellently, whether a simple bar of Cote d’Or or a box of pralines.

  • Belgium’s climate is heavily influenced by the North Sea. Mild winters and temperate summers thus determine the weather pattern. Hence, you should always be appropriately equipped on a bike trip.

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