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Enjoy cycling in Slovenia even more with the cycling routes found by the Bikemap bike route planner - Slovenia is where the meet the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Basin meets karst. The small green country extends over 20.273 km2 and is a true paradise, full of snow covered peaks, turquoise green rivers and a Venetian coast line. Slovenia’s dynamic landscapes and its nature’s countless beauties are ideal for bike tours. Thanks to the mediterranean climate, it’s possible to cycle all year long in Slovenia: It is the perfect bike destination of hobby cyclists, athletically well-versed and nature lovers.

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4 615 053 km
Mapped Ways
55 005
Cycle Routes
2,0 miliony


  • Only few know that Slovenia has a remarkable coast and especially Piran is a true adriatic jewel. A ride along the idyllic Slovenian coast is worth a thought.

  • Due to the creation of cycling tracks and the construction of a mountain bike park at the steep slopes of Vitranc, Kranjska Gora, known as ski-resort, becomes a more and more popular bike-destination. Having only been known as the starting point for the legendary ascent on the Vršič, Kranjska Gora presents itself as a true centre for bikers.

  • Bovec in the Julian Alps is just right for lovers of bike tours. Numerous cycling tracks in this scenic valley that has been formed by the emerald-green Soča in the untouched nature of Triglav national park over centuries enthuse visitors.



  • There are 35 so-called “Slovenia Bike Information Points” spread all over the country. These special information centres offer bike maps and bike tour guides as well as all infos concerning individual cycling tracks, means of transport, accommodation etc.

  • In Slovenia, especially in Ljubljana, there are very few garbage bins on the streets. Nevertheless: Waste doesn’t belong on the ground!!

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