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Find and discover the best cycling routes through Macedonia with the bike route planner online: Macedonia is located in Southeast Europe, in the centre of the Balkan peninsula. The landscape is characterised by massive mountains intersected by wide valleys and lowlands: A country characterised by mountains, lakes and nature that has an even stronger rural charm due to the low population density. Its sheer endless trails, barely used streets and culture from the time of the Romans, Tsars and Osmans are perfect to be explored by bike.

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538 306 km
Mapped Ways
5 279
Cycle Routes
2,1 miliony


  • Lake Ohrid’s crystal clear water is very enticing. The idyllic city next to the lake offers a lot of sights: a Roman amphitheatre, the churches St. Sophia and St. Clement and Tsar Samuil’s fort can be explored during a bike trip through the area.

  • There are very beautiful mountain lakes in Macedonia, like the pass street between Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa or the street through the Mavrovo National Park in the country’s West.

  • Golem Grad (the snake island) is a nature reserve and is home to rare plants. There are many kinds of herbs and animals, some of which only live on the island and can’t be found in any other place in the world. Moreover, there are archeological sites with architectural remnants from the 4th until the 19th century on the island.


  • The Balkan’s biggest basar is located in Skopje. Buy fresh fruit and enjoy!

  • The Macedonian wine tastes very nice and is also very cheap. However, it's difficult to get Macedonian wine outside of the country, reason enough to try it on site.

  • The Macedonian dinar is the official currency, however, most shops are willing to accept euros.

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