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P3 Long Route

14 km Distanz
0m Aufstieg
0m Abstieg

(1 Bewertung)
  1. Start Brewery Becker
  2. LEFT on Center street
  3. LEFT on Walnut to 4th Street
  4. STRAIGHT on 4th street cross Main Street to Washington Street
  5. LEFT on Washington to S.3rd Street
  6. RIGHT on S.3rd to Brighton Lake Road
  7. CROSS Brighton Lake Road
  8. CONTINUE on S.3rd Street
  9. STRAIGHT on to Fairway Trails Drive
  10. LEFT on Peppergrove Drive
  11. RIGHT on Oak Ridge Road
  12. STRAIGHT on Oak Ridge road to Rickett
  13. RIGHT on SIDEWALK to church parking
  14. CHURCH PARKING LOT to Meyer Avenue
  15. RIGHT on Meyer Avenue around bend to El Dorado Drive
  16. RIGHT on El Dorado Drive to Marengo Drive
  17. LEFT on Marengo Drive to Lee Road
  18. RIGHT on Lee Road to Black Walnut
  19. RIGHT on Black Walnut to Northern Ridge Drive
  20. LEFT on Northern Ridge Drive to Brighton Lake Road
  21. LEFT on Brighton Lake Road to Wyndham Lane
  22. RIGHT on Wyndham Lane
  23. CONTINUE on Wyndam Lane to Hidden Pineds Drive
  24. RIGHT on Hidden Pines Drive to Lake Forest Boulevard
  25. CONTINUE on Lake Forest Boulevard to Brighton Road
  26. RIGHT on Brighton Road to the entrance to BRIGHTON HIGH SCHOOL
  28. LEFT in parking lot continue through to South 7th Street
  29. LEFT on South 7th street to Washington Street
  30. RIGHT on Washington Street to 4th street
  31. LEFT on 4th Street continue cross Main Street
  32. CONTINUE on 4th street to Walnut
  33. RIGHT on Center street back to BREWERY


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