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Lindsborg via the Meadowlark Trail to Marquette

49 km Distanz
70 m Aufstieg
70 m Abstieg

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This low traffic cycle route is a great way to unwind and leave all your cares behind you.  Be certain to ignore the Higway miles of this route; take the Meadowlark Trail (the trailhead begins at the south end Lindsborg's Valkommen Trail, a paved 2.3 mile pedestrian and cycling path through Lindsborg) to Shawnee Road, then head west to Marquette. This entire route is paved, with the exception of the well maintained three mile section of the Meadowlark Trail which is compacted shale. 

Leave Lindsborg early and stop in Marquette at the cafe for breakfast or Piper's Fine Foods for a fresh bottle of water and the snack of your choice.  

If you want new scenery, you can also head back to Lindsborg via Highway 4 in time for lunch!  Lindsborg has a variety of great stops for fresh food.


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