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Mt Royal to Sabazan and return via Kendeace

6 km Distanz
200 m Aufstieg
200 m Abstieg

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This ride starts and finishes at Mt Royal - so you've got to ride up the hill first! Easiest is straight up the concrete/ tarmac road behind town, but there are other off road options too. You're heading for the radio masts at the top of the hill. Great views. Start from the junction at the top next to the Brothers Bar and head east on concrete road through the houses for only 50 yards/ metres until you turn righton a steep concrete road descent. Continue over rocky part below this, cross a small stream then look for a right fork shortly after which goes through a small pasture. The descent to Sabazan is then on singletrack through the woods - can be hard to follow the trail at times and towards the bottom it's very challenging (if you're like me will need to walk). When you reach an old well/ water tank next to a dried up river bed you need to cross the river and follow the path on the other side down the river bank. After another 100 yards/ metres look carefully as you then need to cross back - easy to miss the trail here. After this the trail is more obvious but gets steeper. From the beach (wild and beautiful) you take the old road heading east and uphill. After around 0.75 miles or 1.2km just before starting descent and at a corner look for a small track forking left up a bank into the trees. Keep on this track all the way along the ridge back to Mt. Royal. Most of this trail is rideable. The last part is a steep climb on concrete road. Bars at the top for a beer! There are some great options to descend back to town from Mt Royal - including a great singletrack descent. 


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