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La Molara to Molinara to San Marco dei Cavoti and back

25 km Distanz
720 m Aufstieg
720 m Abstieg

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Starts in San Giorgio La Molara.    Takes SP52 out of town,  past Pizzeria Cavallino Rosso, past Il Ritrovo Del Gusto, continues up SP52 a bit, then splits to the left and heads northwest towards Molinara.  Stop there at the brewery for a beer!  There is also a supermarket, a pizza restaurant (Pizzeria Al borgo), and cafe (Plaza Cafe), and a mini-market (Callisto).  Be sure to check out 'Pub Old Truck' !

Then continue to head northwest for approx. 4 km's and enter Peschiti San Marco dei Cavoti on Via Fratelli Cervi.  Stop at the Lions 18 Public House or the Bakery (Panificio Biscottificio).  

Then head south for approx 8 km's to Calise.  Some significant climbing start about 2 km's from Calise!  Total climbing back into La Molara is approx. 1200 ft. (375 meters).  Then head east for 3 km's to Maddalena.  The last 2 km's of climbing continues on SP58 back into La Molara.

Total ascent for the ride is approx. 2500 ft (720 meters).


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