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Almost Level Loop

25 km Distanz
140 m Aufstieg
140 m Abstieg

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The Almost Level Loop Ride

Using the South Burlington Recreation Path and Neighborhood Roads in the Southeast Quadrant


Miles range: 1 - 14 miles. Distances have been rounded to a tenth of a mile.

Safety is important, so make sure that everyone is wearing a helmet and obeying road signs.

Remember, a bicycle is considered a vehicle while riding on a road and riders must travel on the right side of a road in the same directions that motorized vehicles are operating. When riding on the recreation paths you must yield to pedestrians.

The routes below utilize South Burlington’s recreation path to travel between neighborhoods, and neighborhood streets with little traffic to explore neighborhoods and extend the mileage. As the name implies, it is an “Almost Level Loop.” There are a few hills but none very long or very steep. Neighborhoods explored include: Dorset Farms, Cider Mill, Golf Course Road, Pinnacle, Butler Farms, Dorset Park and, starting in late summer 2019, South Village.

The description of the “Basic” Loop and “All of the Above” Loop start at Veterans Memorial Park. However, the route can be started from any of the neighborhoods included in the loop. If one does not live in an included neighborhood there is parking at Overlook Park (limited), Wheeler Nature Park, and Veterans Memorial Park.

Loop / Route Description / Distance (Miles)

#0: Basic Loop – Rec Path only (minor exceptions) 8.5miles

#1: Dorset Park Loop – starts at light at Dorset and Swift Streets. 1.4miles

#2: Four Sisters/ Vale Loop – starts on Nowland Farm Rd. 0.5miles

#3: Pinnacle Loop - starts on Nowland Farm Rd. 1mile

#4: Butler Farms Loop – Starts at the south end of Golf Course Rd. 2.3miles

#5: Cider Mill Loop – Starts at the south end of Dorset Heights where the path meets Cider Mill Drive. 1.8miles

#6: Dorset Farms Loop – Starts at south end of Recreation Path on Dorset Street. 1.7miles

#7: South Village Loop – from NW corner of Catkin  Drive to South Village and around South Village Loop (not available until mid - late summer 2019) 1.8miles

#8: Golf Course Rf. Loop – from Corner of Old Cross Road and Dorset Heights, north and west along the Recreation Path to Dorset Street. (Not recommended in the reverse direction) 1.9miles

#10: All of the Above Loop – the complete trip 14.2miles

In almost all of the neighborhood loops the distances below reflect the longest loop around the neighborhood.  There are other streets within these neighborhoods that you can explore and make your route a little longer or a little shorter. As long as you have your map, you will be able to see and understand the street layout of each neighborhood. Without a map, it is not always obvious. # 0 “Basic” Loop Rec Path - out and back (8.5 mi) - This approximately 8.5 mile route will take you out and back one branch of the recreation path after another. It consists of a paved recreation path with one minor exception, Dorset Heights, which has minimal neighborhood traffic. The crosswalk at Swift and Dorset Streets has a pedestrian activated crossing light. Crosswalks at Nowland Farm and Dorset and at Midland Ave. and Dorset have rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) crossing lights.


  • Starting at the Veterans Memorial Park parking lot,  , turn left and do (Loop #1 Dorset Park option) or turn right onto the  to reach the Dorset and Swift Streets intersection and turn left (south) onto the recreation path that parallels Dorset Street.
  • At the intersection of Old Cross Road and Nowland Farm, cross Dorset Street and head west on the path. At Four Sisters Road ( Loop #2 Four Sisters/Vale option ),  or
  • continue on Nowland Farm Rd. to Pinnacle Road (Loop #3 Pinnacle),  or
  • turn around and head east on the recreation path on Nowland Farm Rd. and cross Dorset Street and continue up hill on the recreation path on Old Cross.
  • At the top of the hill, you can do (Loop #4 Butler Farms option) ,or
  • turn right onto Dorset Heights Road and continue straight to Cider Mill Drive and do (Loop #5 Cider Mill turn left on path), or
  • turn right (west) on the path and just past the mailboxes, cross Cider Mill Drive and continue South on the path. At the junction turn right and go west on the path which parallels Sadie Lane.
  • At Dorset Street, turn left on the path and follow it to the end and do (Loop #6 Dorset Farms – cross Dorset street), or
  • turn around and retrace your route back to Cider Mill. At the end of Sadie Lane where the path turns left you have the option to go straight over the bridge and take (Loop #5 Cider Mill in reverse), or
  • turn left on the path heading north, cross Cider Mill Drive and turn right followed by a left at the branch to Dorset Heights.
  • At the junction of Old Cross Rd and Dorset Heights, you can do (Loop #4 Butler Farms) if you haven’t already done so.  To continue back to Veterans Memorial Park, either take Loop# 8 Golf Course Rd - recommended, or take a left (west) on that path that parallels Old Cross Road. At Dorset Street, turn right and follow the path back to Veterans Memorial Park.


# 1 Dorset Park Loop (1.4 mi) – Starting at the corner of Dorset and Swift Streets, head east on Swift Street Extension down the hill. At the bottom of the hill turn left on to Brand Farm Rd. Follow Brand Farm Rd. around the corner and then another left turn to stay on Brand Farm Rd. When you get back to Swift Street extension turn right and head back up the hill to Dorset St.


# 2 Four Sisters/Vale Loop (0.5 mi) – Heading west on Nowland Farm Rd., turn right onto Four-Sisters Road, then left onto Dorey Road and then another left onto Vale Drive. At Nowland Farm Road turn right (west) to Pinnacle Drive or Overlook Park or left (east) to go back to Dorset Street.


# 3 Pinnacle Loop (1 mi) – from Nowland Farm Road heading west turn right (north) onto Pinnacle Drive. Take your first right. The road eventually curves left and then left again (do NOT take the right branch out to Spear Street). Back at Nowland Farm Rd., take a left (east) to return to Dorset Street or a right to go to Overlook Park.


# 4 Butler Farms Loop (2.3 mi) - From the top of Old Cross Rd., cross Golf Course Road and head east on the recreation path eventually curving left and then right until you get to Butler Drive.

  • Turn right onto Butler Farm Road. Follow the road left and then straight until it angles left.
  • At the next intersection, Marcy St., turn left onto Marcy Street. There will be a field on your right. (Do not go across Rt. 116).
  • Marcy eventually becomes Oak Creek Drive.
  • Take a left onto Mill Pond Lane and then shorty take the 1st left onto Moss Glenn Lane. It will turn right and then turn left onto Adirondack Street. At the next intersection turn right onto Butler Drive.
  • Follow Butler drive around a left corner and watch for the recreation path on the right side.
  • Turn right on to the path and follow it back to where you started at Old Cross Road and Dorset Heights.



# 5 Cider Mill Loop (1.8 mi) – from south end of Dorset Heights and Cider Mill Drive, turn left on the recreation path. At Winesap Lane, turn right onto Winesap Lane.

  • Follow Winesap to the end and turn left onto Braeburn Street.
  • Turn right onto Summerfield Avenue and follow it south, around the circle and back to Braeburn.
  • Turn onto Braeburn and follow it south and west to the corner with Crispin Drive.
  • Turn left and then right onto the recreation path and follow it over the bridge. If you are not continuing on to Dorset Farms or the end of the Path south, turn right where the recreation path goes north. Cross Cider Mill Drive and follow the path back to where you started at Dorset Heights.


# 6 Dorset Farms Loop (1.7 mi) – At the southern end of the recreation path on Dorset Street, cross into Dorset Farms. You will be on the recreation path that parallels Midland Ave.

  • Turn right onto Bower Street and follow it around to Catkin Drive.
  • Turn right onto Catkin and follow it as it makes a 90 degree turn south. (At the corner, note the connection to South Village under construction.  There will be both a road and recreation path connection here by the end of summer 2019.) Catkin Drive continues around the neighborhood bringing you back to Midland Ave.
  • Turn right onto the recreation path at Midland and head east to Dorset Street.


# 7 South Village Loop (1.8 mi) – coming soon (Summer 2019)


# 8 Golf Course Loop (1.9 mi) – Just north of the corner of Old Cross Road and Dorset Heights take a left and then an immediate right (heading north) onto the recreation path (Note – do not take the Golf Cart path just beyond ).

  • Follow the recreation path to Park Road.
  • Cross Park Road and follow the recreation path as it winds around several sharp turns joining the recreation path at Dorset Street.
  • Turn right and head back to Veterans Memorial Park. (This route is NOT recommended in the opposite direction as the hill is steep!)


# 10 “All of the Above” Loop (14.2 mi) – Start with the description of the Basic Loop( #0) and take all of the other loops # 1-8, including #7 South Village when it is available.


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