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2019-32 Montauban to Colomiers (Toulouse)

66 km Distanz
221 m Aufstieg
194 m Abstieg

(1 Bewertung)

In 2019, we did self-supported touring for a little less than 2 months from mid-September through early November.

Day 32 - Montauban to Colomiers (Toulouse)

This was our last day of riding before flying back to the U.S. France gave us a good send off of heaving rain for much of this final ride.

D21 was excellent with little traffic. D14, though not bad, had a bit more traffic, but wasn't bad if you're trying to reach your destination quickly rather than using smaller roads that are not as direct.

Part of the bicycle path getting into Blagnac and Colomiers was unpaved. It wasn't bad, though, even in the rain.

With all the rain, I didn't take any pictures. I took the cover shot of the suspension bridge over the Tarn at Villebumier from the internet.

Great end to a wonderful time in France.