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With the bike route planner, you can find and create the best cycling routes on Cyprus: Although the island is geographically Asian, it’s an EU-member and culturally and politically belongs to Europe. The country has been divided in North and South since 1974, whereby the North is controlled by Turkey and the South belongs to the Republic of Cyprus. The mediterranean climate allows long bike tours all year round, and rides along the coast or on the highest mountain, the Olympus, are a real highlight.

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129,886 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
1.1 million


  • There are many inviting archaeological sites on Cyprus. Especially Kourion, Agios Philon, Salamis and the archaeological park Paphos are recommendable.

  • You can visit the beautiful old district in the capital Nicosia as well as the Venetian fortifications. Furthermore, the city’s history is also very interesting as the city is also divided in North and South.

  • Cyprus is known for its clean, amazing beaches that entice with turquoise water. Perfect for relaxation after an exhausting bike trip!


  • You have to drive on the left on Cyprus.

  • There are many beautiful routes in the less-developed West that lead through gorges and forests, along beaches and over mountains. There isn’t much traffic, but most routes aren’t signposted or are not included in touristic maps.

  • 340 sun days per year almost guarantee good weather. However, one should consider the temperatures and start early enough to finish the tour before it gets too hot.


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