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Find and  create the best cycling routes in Vietnam with the bike route planner. Vietnam’s landscape is incredibly diverse and there are many beautiful places: Rice is grown in the North and South where you can visit the famous rice terraces while sparse mountains dominate the landscape in central Vietnam. Sandy beaches and turquoise-coloured water along the coast invite to relax, but also make a great setting for a bike trip. The South is flat, however, mountain bikers can also blow off steam in Vietnam: For example at Vietnam’s highest mountain, the Phan-xi-păng, which is located in Vietnam’s North.

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521,565 km
Mapped Ways
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89.6 million


  • Crawl through the subterranean Cu Chi tunnels in the northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, which were used as a hiding place by the guerillas during the Vietnam War.

  • In the city Mui Ne, you can windsurf and more importantly admire the big sand dunes in the city’s North. The dunes are impressive, however, the view on the sandy vastness is even better at sundown.

  • Admire colonial architecture in Hanoi, visit some of the many temples in the 1000-year-old city (like the Perfume Pagoda and the Temple of Literature) or relax at Hoan Kiem Lake, a favourite spot amongst locals.


  • It is also possible to buy bikes in Vietnam’s more rural areas as cycling is very popular. A mixture between a street bike and a mountain bike will fit your needs best.

  • Although there is a lot of traffic in Vietnam (especially on the streets), the people are used to one-track vehicles. As traffic often moves quite slowly, moving forward is not as difficult as you might think.

  • The best time to bike in northern Vietnam is between October and February as there is less rain and the weather is cooler. In Mai, temperatures can often reach 35°C, making cycling exhausting. The South is generally hotter.

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