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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around


Many well-known destinations are located in Indonesia: Bali, the island Java with the capital Jakarta, the spiritual city Yogyakarta and many more. Pristine beaches, old temples, high mountains and many active volcanos can be visited by by bike. Thanks to the bike route planner, the country’s diverse sights can be explored on various cycling routes.

Find cycle routes in Indonesia:

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300,819 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
243.0 million


  • Bali offers a delicious variety of landscapes that can be explored by bike, whether that’s cycling to the beach or biking through the hinterland on goat paths.

  • Admire a true creature from the past on a cycling trip to Komodo. The komodo dragon is a giant lizard and can get up to 10 metres long.

  • Explore Indonesia’s islands, Java, Bali or Lombok by bike. This way, you can discover new areas and plan your trip individually.


  • As not every other road user has a functioning light, you should especially aim for good lighting and visibility during the night.

  • The streets are in a rather bad condition and the car traffic is dangerous in Indonesia. Better cycle defensively.

  • Indonesia’s “dry season” lasts from Mai until September and is thus the best time for travelling.

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