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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around


Find and create the most beautiful bike routes on the world’s fifth biggest island state with the Bikemap bike route planner, ascend various mountains and admire active volcanos. Many bike tours also lead past enticing lovely waterfalls, sand beaches and rice terraces for when one isn’t busy visiting interesting sights in the cities Manila, El Nido or Vigan.

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109,660 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
99.9 million


  • You can marvel at the chocolate hills on the island Bohol. The chocolate hills are (sadly not edible) 1268 grassy mounds of about the same size. Their development has been long debated by geologists. When the grass gets dry, its colour changes to brown, hence the name “chocolate hills”.

  • Let loose on the party island Boracay. There are 12 beaches, hotels in every price class and the opportunity to try out various sports. Moreover, there are many bars, discos and restaurants.

  • You can experience the country’s colonial history in the oldest Spanish colonial city Vigan. The city was declared a UNESCO world cultural heritage in 1999. Here, you’ll find an augustine cathedral from the 17th century, streets hemmed by houses built in Spanish style and many museums inviting you for a visit.


  • The quality of the streets is quite good, there are often shoulders cyclists can use to make way for cars. The only bike unsuitable for the streets is a racing bike with thin wheels.

  • Island-hopping is made easier by the Roro-ferries (roll on - roll off) that are made for transporting vehicles. Bringing your bike isn’t a problem and often even free.

  • The Typhoon-season on the Philippines takes place from June and November. This time isn’t suitable for a cycling holiday.

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