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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around

Hong Kong

Modern Hong Kong is located in South China and is a special administrative zone of China. Although one would thinks that cycling in midst of skyscrapers and crowds of people is quite difficult, there are actually many beautiful cycling trails along the Shing Mun River shore and through the Nam Seng Wai wetlands, whereby many more cycle routes can be found with the bike route planner. Mountain bikers can climb the surrounding peaks like High Junk Peak or Sharp Peak and enjoy the gorgeous view on the sea or on the lit-up city.

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137,538 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
6.9 million


  • Nam Sang Wai is the perfect choice for an amusing, stress free half-day long tour of Hong Kong. Discover the moorlands’ fauna, the idyllic forest paths and the regional cuisine.

  • The mountain bike route of the Tai Lam Trail is also suitable for beginners, however, one should consider that there aren’t any service stations along the way.

  • Lamma Island is a small, car-free island in the South of Hong Kong Island. This island is a true haven of peace and offers respite from the hectic Hong Kong. A small tar band called family trail runs lengthwise over the entire island and is suitable for walkers and cyclists.


  • People drive on the left side in Hong Kong. Cycle on the left side of the cycling lane.

  • Carefully plan your cycling tour and get to know parts of your cycling route. Plan as many possible routes with cycling lanes on your tour, the traffic and masses of people in Hong Kong shouldn’t be underestimated.

  • Learn a few words of Cantonese. Although most people in Hong Kong speak Mandarin and English but one or two useful words do no harm: Lei ho (hello), Ng Goi (thanks), bai baai (byebye).


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