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Enjoy bike routes through historic cities or unspoiled nature thanks to the bike route planner. Russia, the country of contrasts, extends over two continents and ten time zones. Russia’s most known metropoles, the old city of tsars St. Petersburg and the modern Moscow are impressively beautiful and are equally attractive as the Russian lowlands’ pure nature. The wide landscape gives an idea of Russia’s size and ferocity, endless birch forests, untouched lakes and former villages seem like a trip to the past.

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1,402,723 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
140.7 million


  • The Gorki park in Moscow is located on the right hand side of the river Moskva and was opened in 1927. It offers huge green spaces, small lakes with boat rentals and can be easily discovered by bike.

  • Sochi, sometimes called the “Russian Riviera”, is most known as the 2014 Olympic Winter Games’ host. After an exhausting bike trip through Sochi’s surrounding environment, the city is the ideal place to watch the sun set over the Black Sea and is thus also worth a visit during the summer.

  • A trip with the trans-siberian railway is always an adventure. No matter which train you take, it is advisable to plan several stops along the route to explore the local area. Attention: It can be very difficult to take your bike with you!


  • It is really helpful to learn the Cyrillic alphabet. It makes it easier to decipher street signs, maps and timetables.

  • Take care! There are no long-distance cycle trails in Russia. Cycle fans bike on low-traffic streets and paths through forests or fields.

  • Russia is a very big country. Distances shouldn’t be underestimated.


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