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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around

New Zealand

New Zealand has become a more and more popular destination over the past years, which is not surprising given its stunning scenery and local attractions. Competitive cyclists might want to participate in one of the bike races like the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge with over 7,000 riders participating every year, but also relaxed bikers will find amazing cycle routes with the bike route planner, enjoying scenic routes, unspoilt nature and gaining fresh experiences.

Find cycle routes in New Zealand:

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539,352 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
4.3 million


  • The alpine “heli-biking” is an extraordinary experience even for experienced downhill bikers. A helicopter transports sportsmen and their bikes up to a mountain peak, then you spend hours biking down the mountain.

  • Discover New Zealand by bike. There are many fantastic bike routes crossing through the whole country, you can cycle on old railway lines or follow the Waikato River.

  • Admire New Zealand’s breathtaking landscape while visiting Tongariro National Park. The park boasts dramatic scenery with high-rising volcanos, turquoise lakes, dry plateaus, mountain pastures and hot springs.


  • Sometimes, New Zealand’s inhabitants are called Kiwis, but that's never derogatory.

  • New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere. Hence, the seasons are opposite to the seasons in Germany. New Zealand is thus an ideal winter destination.

  • Look to your left! People drive on the left in New Zealand.


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