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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Find and create the best bike routes in Jordan with the bike route planner: The dry country at the borders of Africa, Europe and Asia is a paradise for bikers on holiday - several impressive routes pass through the land and, albeit exhausting to ride on, lead to sights such as the Dead Sea. There are different ecosystems and climates in Jordan, furthermore, it is one of the safest countries in the Middle East and its calm streets, great views and dry weather make you want to go on long rides.  

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49,148 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
6.4 million


  • Cycle through Jordan’s Grand Canyon - the Wadi Mujib. A steep descent follows after a long flat part. After crossing the Mjuib Dam, an ascent follows. There are several cafes on the way to the top, where you can have some food and enjoy the view.

  • Bike along the King’s Highway, one of the world’s oldest trade routes, to reach Dana nature reserve. In the huge gorge in the reserve, there are different ecosystems, so in Winter, it might snow on the top while it’s 20° warm on the bottom.

  • Supposedly, Jesus was baptised in the Jordan River at Al-Maghtas. On the beach, several ruins of chapels, baptismal fonts and caves were excavated and are seen as proof that Christians commemorated this place.


  • In Jordan, you can bike to the lowest place on earth - the Dead Sea lies 420 metres below sea level. It is also only 59 kilometres away from the capital Amman.

  • Jordan people are very friendly towards foreigners - you can expect high fives when cycling past them. It is often possible to catch a ride on a passing truck when your legs get tired.

  • Take care on steep routes - if a sign next to the street warns you to use a low gear, you can expect steep streets with tight turns and blind corners so that you have to brake constantly.


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