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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around


With the help of the Bikemap bike route planner, you can find the most beautiful bike routes in a country known for its tapas, flamenco and bullfights but also for its impressive scenery and cities which suggest fascinating Catalan or Moorish influences. If you want to see what this many-faceted country has to offer you can explore it by bike. The Spaniards’ pride and hospitality can be experienced everywhere, in mighty , relaxed, volcanic  or on  beaches. You can even go on a pilgrimage on two wheels on the Way of Saint James.

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20,619,137 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
46.5 million


  • Ride along the famous Way of Saint James. There are two possibilities: Either you cycle along the hiking trail which is not exactly designed for cyclists and encloses several difficult passages or you choose asphalted alternative routes.

  • Cycling is becoming more and more popular in Barcelona. When cycling around, you can admire Antoni Gaudi’s fantastic architecture.

  • The Balearic island Mallorca is a true cyclist’s dream. There are numerous cycling routes running through the island’s changing fauna and flora, scenic fishers’ villages and mountainous or coastal landscapes. The climate is mostly mild and pleasant.


  • Cycling tracks are usually only known in touristically attractive regions in Spain.

  • You have to wear a helmet when cycling outside of a built-up area. Exceptions are “long ascents”, “intense heat” or medical reasons. This regulation isn’t strictly enforced.

  • You should prepare for a late dinner after an exhausting bike tour. In Spain, it is customary to eat around 9 pm.

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