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Thanks to the bike route planner, you can find and create the best bike routes for your stay on the island Malta, which is located South of Sicily. In this country, bikes are even a part of some religious festivities. Each year, a pilgrimage on bikes and motorcycles is held on the first Sunday after the 8th September to honour Madonna tal-Grazzja, the cyclists patron saint. Although Malta isn’t big, the island can easily be explored by bike, whereby there are also some steeper areas.

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25,417 km
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  • Admire Malta’s varying coasts. They are especially well-noticeable on the main island: There are flat beaches in the East and Northeast while jagged steep coasts dominate the Southwest and North.

  • You can visit the Hagar Qim Temples, a prehistoric megalithic site on the main island. The temples were buried and only rediscovered in 1839. Many artefacts symbolising fertility were found here and are now displayed in the Archeological Museum in Valetta.

  • The Popeye village in Mellieha is especially nice for families with children. In the 1980s, the film “Popeye” was filmed here. The set consists of 20 wooden houses.



  • Malta aims to promote cycling. However, one should be especially careful on the main traffic streets and avoid cycling at certain times altogether - especially during the early morning hours on weekends, a lot of drunk drivers are out and about.

  • There are no permanent rivers on Malta due to the extreme scarcity of water. Rain is more likely to fall during winter, if it rains, it’ll be a short and intense pour.

  • The temperatures only regularly drop below 20°C from December until April. It’s always quite warm.


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