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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around

United Kingdom

Find and create the best bike routes in the United Kingdom online with the help of the bike route planner, as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is especially well suited for cycling tours along the picturesque coast thanks to its location surrounded by different seas. Furthermore, its characteristic British landscapes, the wonderful cottages and manors in the middle of lush meadows simply captivate.

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6,175,974 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
62.3 million


  • Jagged mountains, glimmering lakes and untouched nature, Scotland’s second biggest island, the Isle of Skye entices cyclists thanks to its breathtaking landscape and is well-suited for cycling due to its sparse population and low volume of traffic.

  • Haven’t studied in Oxford? No worries, the student town has also a lot to offer to cyclists. You can bike along the elegant honey-coloured university buildings and relax in the quiet, green backyards hiding along the picturesque streets.

  • Explore Lake District by bike. The region situated in Northern England offers more than 3.200 kilometres of cycling tracks, 12 of England’s biggest lakes and a lively tea culture.


  • The United Kingdom is known for its unstable weather. You should always be well-prepared and pack waterproof clothes just in case.

  • If there’s no cycling lane, cyclists aren’t allowed to use the pavement but have to cycle on the street instead.

  • Take care! The streets in the United Kingdom are often very narrow and well-trafficked.

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