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Create and find the most beautiful bike routes through Sweden with the bike route planner: Sweden is a part of Scandinavia, where lush, huge forests cover half of the country and over 100.000 lakes are spread over the land- The capital, Stockholm, is also the country’s biggest city with over 930.000 inhabitants. Sweden’s breathtaking nature consists of dense coniferous forests that alternate with dwarf birches, tundra and high, alpine mountain ranges. Well-developed cycling and hiking tracks cross through the entire land and you can also soak up and enjoy the country’s atmosphere on the less frequented streets. The numerous lakes and the country’s fascinating natural attractions offer a unique setting for a biking holiday in Sweden.

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1,955,304 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
9.8 million


  • If you have a lot of time, you can cross all of Sweden on two wheels. From Ystad at Sweden’s South coast to the city Haparanda in the North, directly at the border to Finland - A trip pf about 2500 kilometres.

  • The North Sea Cycle Route is the world’s longest, connected and signposted cycling trail. It leads around the North Sea. The trail is over 6000 kilometres long and runs through 8 countries. The cycling trail starts in Sweden.

  • As there are about 90.000 lakes in Sweden, many cycling trails lead along the water, for example, the Vätternrundan, a yearly amateur bike race around Sweden’s second largest lake. However, the 300-kilometre-long track is also well worth riding without the event.



  • In Sweden, there are no limitations for cycling with a trailer. However, everyone under the age of 15 has to wear a helmet.

  • Many cycling tracks are located off the main traffic roads. Only single stretches have to be tackled on the streets, but they are usually not busy so that even children can ride here without a problem.

  • Visit Sweden’s over 100-metre-long beaches and relax.

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