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When planning your bike trip in the Netherlands, use the Bikemap bike route planner to find the best cycling routes through Holland, which has the reputation of being a cyclist’s dream land. There’s likely no place in the world where cycling is as popular as in the Netherlands. The flat terrain, the mild climate, the short distances and excellent infrastructure make the country the ultimate cyclist’s destination. An over 32.000 kilometre-long, magnificently developed cycling network extends past scenic tulip fields and iconic windmills. Whether along the North Sea coast, in the lively metropolis Amsterdam or in the green inland areas, in the Netherlands, the bike is a perfect companion.

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5,793,873 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
16.6 million


  • Discover the Dutch coast by bike. The cycling route along the coast is about 570 kilometres long and leads past enchanting beaches, dunes, wadden islands and coastal villages.

  • Explore Keukenhof by bike! It is one of the world’s biggest flower gardens and is also known as Europe’s Garden. You will find flowers in every colour of the rainbow in the 32 hectare big garden and the carefully set up arrangements enchant every visitor.

  • A bike tour around the open-air museum  Zaanse Schans. There, you can admire the Netherland’s traditional symbol, the windmill, in all of its glory.


  • Never walk on the cycling lanes. The Dutch are known for their love of bikes and don’t stop pedaling - for no one.

  • It is forbidden to ride a bike when drunk, which can lead to high fines.

  • The entire Netherlands are pervaded by country-wide cycling routes, the so-called LF-routes. They are clearly signposted and are well suited for several-day-long tours.


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