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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around


Find the right bike route for you through Styria, where we've got 15,623 cycle routes to explore. The routes you most commonly find here are of the hilly or uphill type. Most people get on their bikes to ride here in the months of July and August.

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1,459,612 km
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Top cycle routes in and around Styria

Mur Cycle Path

Four countries, one river

The Mur River originates in the Austrian Lungau region and passes through three more countries  – Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary – before merging with the River Drau. In Styria, the cycle path along the Mur is very popular. R2 leads through the city of Graz and connects to many other fantastic cycle routes. Follow Zirbenland cycle path R26 to Drau cycle path, the Rastland cycle path R15 to Enns cycle path, or the Mürztal cycle path R5 to .

South East Styria

Wine streets and bicycle routes

The South Eastern district of Styria features an especially impressive landscape. The stunning wetlands of the Natura 2000 protected Gosdorfer Murauen region are located here, as well as the idyllic vineyards the wine country is known for. “Weinland Steiermark Radtour” takes cyclists from one scenic road to the next: try the “Südoststeirische Hügelland Weinstrasse”, “Südsteirische Weinstrasse” and “Sausaler Weinstrasse” for some great rides.

Enns Cycle Path

Medieval town on the river

Enns lays claim to being the oldest town in Austria, and has a town charter from 1212 to show for it. The most picturesque approach to the Upper Austrian town is via the Enns cycle path. While it leads steadily downhill towards the Danube, cyclists also face a number of ascents before reaching the medieval fortifications of Enns. There are also connections to other routes, such as the Mur Cycle Path and the famous .

Spa country

Cycling between hot springs

Not only is Styria famous for its many hot springs and thermal baths, the spa towns are well connected by bike routes and offer relaxation and regeneration after a long day's cycling. For example, you can take the wonderful “Weinland Steiermark Radtour” from Loipersdorf spa to Bad Radkersburg. The "Thermenrundweg" explores the natural area around the Rogner Bad Blumau Therme, a uniquely coloful spa designed by legendary architect Hundertwasser.


Cycling city on the Mur

The cozy Styrian capital is a cycling city. Try out the public bike share system, Graz bike, to see the old streets and the famous clocktower or head to the nearby Schöckl downhill mountainbike trail for a speed and dirt fix.  second largest city also lies directly on the route of the popular Mur Cycle Path and is part of the themed route “Weinland Steiermark Radtour”. In eight stages over 400 kilometers (250 miles), cyclists can explore the rolling hills of the local wine country.

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