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In Turkey, you can find the best cycling routes thanks to the bike route planner and cycle past ancient relicts or the turquoise-coloured sea and experience true biking adventures. Especially Cappadocia is a popular hotspot for bikers. The landscape was formed by volcanic eruptions and watercourses and has brought forth the weirdest constructions. Jagged rocks and mushroom-like towers emerge from the ground and hem the curvy bike trails.

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1,477,212 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
77.8 million


  • The famous Aegeas and its numerous ancient sites offer many destinations for a bike tour. You can visit the legendary ruins of Milet next to Troy and the oracle of Didyma. The big theatre is especially impressive.

  • Following the small donkey paths, the grand erosion landscape of Cappadocia with its numerous gorges, historic hilltop settlements and interesting rock formations can be wonderfully explored by bike.

  • You’ve already seen all of Istanbul’s sights? Relax in the Belgrade Forest - the recreational area is situated in Istanbul’s North and offers a variety of cycling routes.



  • Good tyres pay off! The Turkish streets mostly consist of rough tar which often melts in the summer so that pieces of tar stick to the tyres.

  • Cycling in Turkey can be very exhausting as sometimes up to 1000 m of differences in altitude need to be overcome in very mountainous areas. You should thoroughly inform yourself about the routes before pedalling away.

  • In Turkey, many gas stations also function as hostels for bikers. Here, you can sleep safely and maybe even shower.

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