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Use the bike route planner’s cycling routes to explore Jersey, the biggest Channel Island located in the English Channel. It is owned by the British crown but not part of the EU. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the average temperature during the summer months is about 21°C and is thus perfect for bike tours. Here, you can find bike routes of varying degrees of difficulty that cover relaxed cycling at the beach as well as hilly ascends.

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5,667 km
Mapped Ways
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  • Watch the Jersey battle of Flowers, a parade of wagons decorated with flowers that is carried out every second Thursday and Friday in August.

  • Discover Elizabeth Castle and learn more about Jersey’s history. St. Helier, the island’s patron saint, is rumoured to have lived in the castle.

  • Visit the Jersey War Tunnels that remind of the island’s German occupation during the second World War. There are several exhibitions that address the resistance, the cooperation and the island’s liberation.


  • The street network is well-developed despite the island’s size. About 80 kilometres of the network are so-called “Green Lanes” where the maximum speed allowed is 24 m/h (15 mph) and cyclists and hikers have priority.

  • On Jersey, English and Jersey-French are spoken. However, this strongly deviates from French and is only understood by locals.

  • Like in Great Britain, people drive on the left.

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