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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around

Isle of Man

Explore the best bike routes on the Isle of Man, one of the British Isles between Ireland and Great Britain, with the bike route planner: Cycling is tradition here, as the island offers a variety of landscapes that can easily be explored on two wheels. In the North, there are calm, rural country roads, while you can enjoy beautiful views and sandy routes along the coast.

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8,575 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes


  • Cycle the Heritage Trail along the old train line. The route is also suitable for families with children as it isn’t difficult. You can reward yourself with an ice cream cone in Peel bay after a successful bike trip.
  • Take a walk through Douglas and enjoy the beautiful views from Douglas Head. You can reach Douglas Head driving along the coast and passing under a decorated stone gate.
  • You can experience more than 10.000 years of the Isle of Man’s history at the Manx Museum. Next to the displayed artwork, you’ll also find artefacts related to the island life here.


  • Those who haven’t had any experience with mountain biking or has kids who’d like to try it out can use the 1-kilometre-long Blue Kipper Trail or the 5-kilometre-long Red Viking Trail at Foxdale.
  • Follow in Mark Cavendish and Peter Kennaugh’s footsteps. They are two successful bike racers who were born on the island.
  • Take part in the End 2 End Mountain Bike Challenge. The participants try to be the first to overcome the 75 kilometres from the island’s one side to the other. The route runs over highways that let the riders experience forests and great coastal views.

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