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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around

Slovak Republic

Find the best cycling routes with the help of the bike route planner in Slovakia, a country of old forts, mountains and concrete blocks located in central Europe. The capital Bratislava is famous for its nightlife and the magnificent historic city centre with the imposing castle watching over the city. Slovakia’s idyllic territory extends between the  and the world’s smallest high mountain region, the High Tatras. Having formerly been known as Czechoslovakia’s granary, the country declared its independence on the 1st January 1993 and belongs to the Eurozone since 2009. Quiet mountain villages tempt in the country’s North and promise moments of peace before one crosses through valleys with gurgling mountain streams and enticing panorama paths.

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3,653,949 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
5.5 million


  • Nature lovers should take a bike tour through Tatra National Park, which is full of shimmering snowfields, ultramarine mountain lakes, wild waterfalls, untouched pine forests and lush alpine pastures.

  • The little Carpathians offer pleasant bike tours for everyone. Tours through the surrounding forests can also be connected to visits to interesting locations, such as a trip to Červený Kameň Castle or to Devín Castle.

  • The partly hilly, partly flat land in and around Bratislava offers excellent possibilities for cycling. There are also great routes in the city.


  • Learn a few phrases of Slovakian. Especially when biking through rural areas, only very few people speak English or German.

  • On the 1st February 2009, a new Road Transport Law was introduced. Amongst other things, it obligates cyclists to wear a helmet when biking on public streets outside of built-up areas.

  • A well extended network of signposted cycle tracks exists in the regions Povazie, Kysuce, Prava, Liptov, Pdpo’anie, Horehronie or Sis.

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