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The Czech Republic is made for cycling, and with the bike route planner, you can find and create the best cycling routes in the Czech Republic: There is a wide range of routes between challenging tours in the mountains and in flat terrain next to lakes or rivers (Elbe Cycle Route). Iconic landscapes such as South Bohemia and Moravia are brimming with magical castles and forts as well as historical importance, and also offer a variety of great cycling tours.

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8,704,831 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
10.5 million


  • Cesky Krumlov is one of Europe’s most picturesque cities. The little village located in the middle of Bohemia boasts a proud fort, an old town square and architecture from the Renaissance and baroque period. A small river parts the town into two parts. A must-visit!

  • A cycling tour along the Czech bathing resorts Franzensbad, Karlsbad, Konstantinsbad and Marienbad. The resorts are each about 50 kilometres apart.

  • Gourmets should do a tour through South Moravia which is well known for its wine tradition. The network of wine trails is 1200 kilometres long and leads through small towns with comfortable wine cellars, historic sights and beautiful landscapes.



  • When letting your legs rest after biking, be careful when using taxis close to tourist attractions as they are usually overpriced. Always ask for a receipt!

  • Undertake a bike tour during the night and visit the Charles Bridge in Prague. The bridge is especially romantic without all the tourists.

  • Beer and breweries are a welcome conversational topic. The Czechs are very proud of their local beer! However, you shouldn’t use your bike after having enjoyed a beer!

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