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Create and find the best bike routes through Croatia, the country with one of the world’s largest water volumes, with the bike route planner. The country extends east of the Adriatic Sea and offers many cycling routes for bikers. There are many islands in the coastal regions at the Adriatic Sea as well as many national parks which attracts tourists. Croatia’s countless islands, each with their very own charme, are best discovered while “island hopping”. Transporting bikes on ferries is usually allowed, however, there are also local bike rentals. Croatia is worth visiting by bike, whether you visit the famous national park Plitvice, Kvarner Bay or South Dalmatia’s enchanting islands.  

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3,157,040 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
4.3 million


  • Plitvice is supposed to be one of Europe’s most beautiful national parks. Plitvice is famous for its 16 connected lakes that are separated by lime and coloured in greys, greens and turquoises. There are several bike routes leading through the national park.

  • At the Riviera of Opatija, many towns and villages that are well worth exploring by bike are hidden.

  • Dubrovnik, a medieval city, fascinates, although it might not necessarily be suitable for a visit by bike. It is located directly next to the sea and is surrounded by an old city wall. The old city centre boasts many historic buildings, magnificent palaces and breathtaking churches.



  • There are bike routes of varying degrees of difficulty in Croatia and are hence also suitable for people who simply want to enjoy an active holiday as well as for passionate cyclists.

  • Bikers should avoid very busy country roads as well as streets along the coast during the main holiday period.

  • There are bike rentals in most destinations, so it’s not necessary to bring one’s own bike.


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