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Cycling routes and bike maps in and around

Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are many things to do for cyclists, one of the newer additions being the 100-mile-long cycle trail along the former Austrian-Hungarian railway which leads through long abandoned cities and through the Dinaric Alps. In the capital Sarajevo, local specialties can be tasted, furthermore, remains of the not-so-recent wars are still very noticeable. Here, bike routes lead past beautiful nature while illustrating history.

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532,726 km
Mapped Ways
Cycle Routes
4.6 million


  • Take a bike tour through Sarajevo and get to know the city’s history.

  • Discover Bosnia and Herzegovina’s beautiful nature by visiting the Kravice waterfalls. Kravice is shaped like a huge horseshoe and water seems to directly drop from the mountains.

  • Visit Stari Most and its famous bridge. The bridge arch was originally built between 1557 and 1566 on command of Sultan Suleyman. Surrounded by mountains, not only Mostar’s architecture is amazing: The area is perfect for some exploration on two wheels.


  • To regain your strength, try ćevapi and burek, two specialties of the local cuisine.

  • Climate in Bosnia and Herzegovina is varied, but characterised by the Mediterranean. Parts of the country are next to the sea, others are located in the low mountain ranges. Hence, climate is divided in two: At the Adria, climate is mediterranean. In this area winters are really wet but mild.

  • Watch out for landmines! When camping in the wild, you should stay on mowed pastures! Always stay away from war ruins.


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